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In concurrent English, use of the word pussy and sunny leone boobs to refer to women is considered slighting or demeaning, treating people as sexual objects. As a referral to genitals or to sexual intimacy, the word is considered vulgar informal speech. Studies find the word used more commonly in conversations among men than in groups of women or mixed-gender collection, though subjects article using pussy more frequently than other vulgarism terms for female genitals. Words referring to cats are used as vulgar informal speech for female genitals in some other European languages as well. 

Examples include German Muschi (actually "house cat"), French chatter ("female cat", also used to refer to sexual carnal knowledge), and Dutch poes("puss").The Portuguese language rata (actually "female rat").Norwegian mus ("mouse") are also animal terms used as vulgar vulgarism for women's genitals.

Here we show Sunny Leone Hot Pussy or Vagina-

Much like fingerprints, no two vaginas or pussy are exactly alike and guys are well alert of it. Unfortunately, we as women seem to be left in the dark when it comes to this. Other than the type of vagina "she's loose" or "too tight," women have no purpose what guys say about their womanhood. The truthfulness is that guy has just as much to say about vaginas as we have to say about their penises. No need to fret.

Types of vagina or Pussy- 

1.The Bony Vagina or pussy- If you're on the tiny or skinny end of the spectrum, you may have one of these. This is more narrow and bonier than most. The thrilling part about it is that it allows for a tighter fit that ensures a sensational sexual inwardness.

2. The Full Lip Vagina or pussy - Fat lips are a crowd pleaser amongst the male population. Sources tell us that they are the softest of the group, very inviting and easier to find for penetration. Not to acknowledgment, it makes the men excited for some lip on lip action if you know what I mean.

3. The Shaved Vagina or pussy - When a woman puts a big deal of work into keeping her vagina perfectly tamed. Ingrown hairs are not uncommon but fortunately, shaving regimen can guidance, and an alcohol based toner like these Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads can help reduce shaving boo-boos.

4. The Expert Vagina or pussy - To pretend to like the easy entry, but in reality, they are troubled that their equipment isn't big enough to please you. This may lead to higher bruised egos. Letting them know how great they are can do admiration so don't be afraid to blow that ego a bit.

5. The Accessorized Vagina or pussy - The common illusion is that this type of vagina seems like its old, run down, tired or right got off a higher diet. Fortunately, men really don't mind the auxiliary skin so don't be afraid to embrace it.

6. The 70s Vagina or pussy - For the most part, guys don't normally have an issue with a shaggy vagina so don't feel obligated to start a new shaving regimen. Just keep in mind that finding Amusement Island can get difficult while hiking through the jungle.

7. The Virginal Vagina or pussy - If you inherit one of these, you're in luck because buddy gives this one two thumbs up. The snug fit allows for heightened sensibility and a major confidence hike. Guys never have to worry about whether or not they are big enough and the close fit absolutely makes them think your vagina was made specifically for them.

8. The Peek-a-Boo Vagina or pussy - A pleasant clit makes for the foolproof plaything for the male species. Plus, they lust the bigger orgasms girls appear to get with these. It makes them perceive like they did their job just right.

When it comes to the vagina, there are three fundamental things every woman knows: You don’t need to cleansing, every woman has vaginal discharge, and finally, nothing can get lost in the vagina. Our lady segment has potential that are more than the eye and can tell us a plethora about our sexual well-being. Like any other body part, our vagina is just another part of us, so it seems logical to get well familiarize with it. It’s time to hold among your girlfriends over a glass of wine and allocution about the 10 mind-boggling facts you may not know about your hoo-hah’s.

Important facts about Vagina or pussy- 

Vagina or pussy” comes from the Latin root interpretation “case for a sword.”

There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, while the penis only has 4,000. This is why the knee-high area is considered to be the most sensitive part of a woman’s amorous zone. Powerful sensations can spread across a woman’s pelvic range by affecting 15,000 other nerve endings. Vaginas are fringe with the ringed muscular wrinkle. This helps it expand when essential, such as during intercourse or childbirth. They extend up to 200 percent during intimacy or childbirth. A doctor once removed a potato that started developing vines out of a patient’s vagina. 

The sufferer told the doctor her mother said it would safeguard pregnancy. In that case, the mother didn't always know best. Believe it or not, the first movie to utilize the word “vagina“ on film was Disney’s “The Story of Menstruation,” released in 1946.Vaginas and sharks have something in common. 

They both involve the substance squalene. This lives in shark livers and is a natural vaginal lubricant. In 2009, a woman reportedly set the vagina weight work record by lifting over 30 pounds. She connected the weight to a wooden egg so her muscles could receive it. This gives Kegel exercises a whole new meaning.Vaginas are also muscular enough to clamp down on penises. This is known as penis captives’. It is a rare occurrence in intimate when the muscles in the vagina press down with intensity on the penis, which makes absurd for the penis to withdraw from the vagina.It was mpossible to lose anything in your vagina. 

The aperture of the uterus is too small for anything to go through it, unless you’re giving birth, of course. Before adolescence, the uterus is about 3.5 centimeters (cm) in length with an average thickness of 1 cm. After puberty, its natural length is about 7.6 cm, and width is 4.5 cm, with a normal thickness of 3.0 cm.Lastly, in case you didn’t know, vaginas are itself cleans, too. The vagina is designed to keep itself pure with the help of organic secretions, or discharge. When to scrub your vagina, it’s better to avoid perfumed soaps, gels, and antiseptics, as this can transform the fit stability of bacteria and pH levels, and even lead to irritation.

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